Our Vision:

To provide world class skill development facilities to anyone desirous of improving their life regardless of economic/social/religious background.

Economy grows through technological push not through demand pull. Technology is changing at the blink of an eye. Now there is not only a sharp rise in competition, but also a significant shift in the expectation of all the stake holders namely, industries, governments, public, professional service providers, trainees, employees etc. Institute shall aim to not only transfer knowledge & skill about modern technology, but also lend a tangible competitive advantage. With the globalization & liberalization. Adoption of modern technology to meet the qualitative requirement is the prime necessary and this in turn depend, on the availability of trained labor force.

Our mission:
  • To Develop a talent pool with the competence to take on the challenges of the present & future.
  • To Facilitates improvement in quality & quantity of individual contribution & provide a congenial work environment.